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Introducing the Tesla Model 3 for hire in the Bay of Islands, NZ

We’re officially the first company in Northland, NZ to offer a Tesla Model 3 for hire. This vehicle is packed with some amazing features, as you may have heard, and we’re absolutely stoked to bring it to you.

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About the Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is a fully electric mid-size four-door sedan which combines luxury with the very latest technology. With its luxurious interiors (ample leg room for the whole family), glass roof and a fabulous 400km range on a single charge, the Model 3 is the perfect carbon neutral way to experience driving. This electric car comes enabled with a 15-inch touchscreen that lets you control a host of features.

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Charging your Tesla

As a car that can do roughly 400 km on a single charge, you don’t have to worry about frequently looking for charging points during your trip to the Bay of Islands. However, when you do need to charge, you can find plenty of charging stations on Charge Net, New Zealand’s largest EV charging network. Tesla’s own Supercharger in Whangarei charges the car fully in a little over half an hour.


How to rent a Tesla Model 3

If you’re planning a trip to Kerikeri, Paihia or Opua this summer, or thinking of buying the Tesla Model 3, make sure to try it out first by renting it. Our Model 3 will be available for hire starting this summer, November 2021. However, you can make a reservation now to hire our Tesla Model 3.

Read all about our Tesla Model 3, including a range of how-to guides videos, charging information and booking details by visiting our Tesla Model 3 page.

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